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School governor, London.

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Tandem helped clients to get across what they wanted to say to the people they wanted to reach, with maximum effect. Ruth worked with public and voluntary sector organisations to review and improve their overall approach to marketing and engagement, helping them build up workable and effective communication strategies.

Projects include:

Guidelines on Joint Service Needs Assessment and migrant communities
(editor and production manager, 2011)
Download the publication (676KB pdf file)

Volunteering and Asylum Project
A-Z of Volunteering and Asylum Tandem set up this project in 2003, and has run it with funding from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, the Home Office, the European Union (EQUAL via the EASI Partnership) and others.

Outcomes include successful training days, seminars and conferences across the UK; the publication of two handbooks; a training course on volunteer management for refugee community organisations (plus report). Tandem has also taken part in other UK and European projects and events and has worked with numerous organisations to explore this important area of involvement and development. Find out moe.

The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust logoJoseph Rowntree Destitution Inquiry

The Commissioners of the Joseph Rowntree Inquiry into Destitution among Refused Asylum Seekers published their report in March 2007. Find out more.

Make a Difference
Make a DifferenceIn 2006, tandem helped Volunteering Bradford prepare and publish a booklet listing many ways in which local people can have a say in local strategy and service delivery through volunteering.

Make a Difference (199 KB pdf, 60 pages)

SureStart Summaries
Evaluation of the Money Advisory Project coverIn 2005 and 2006, tandem helped SureStart BHT and SureStart Keighley to produce clear and attractive summaries of recent evaluations.

Evaluation of the Money Advisory Project (540 KB pdf, 6 pages)
User Satisfaction Survey Summary (772 KB pdf, 6 pages)
Evaluation Report: Summary of three evaluations commissioned in 2005 (726 KB pdf, 12 pages)

Safer Communities Partnership
Safer Communities NewsletterRuth Wilson has worked extensively with this multi-agency partnership in the Bradford distirct, helping them with the development of their name and logo and a range of publications, marketing materials and banners. In 2005, Ruth helped the partnership edit and produce its district audit. Ruth also helped the Partnership develop its website: www.saferbradford.org.uk


Refugee Arrivals Project
Refugee Arrivals Project Annual Review cover Tandem has worked with RAP for several years, helping the organisation prepare its annual report.

Refugee Arrivals Project Annual Review 2005 (1062 KB pdf, 20 pages)

Domestic Violence
Domestit Violence  Strategy coverTandem edited and helped produce the 2003-2005 domestic violence strategy for the Bradford District. Ruth Wilson wrote the summary booklet, ‘an issue for us all’.

Drug and Alcohol Action Team
Work in 2003 with the Bradford DAAT led to the publication of two leaflets, one targeting young people.

sample page from leaflet sample page from leaflet sample page from leaflet

Drug and Alchol Action Team young people bannerRuth Wilson has also worked with designer Richard Honey to produce two distinctive banners for the Bradford Drug and Alcohol Action Team. These lightweight displays are being used at many local events.

View Young people banner (178 KB pdf)

View Community banner (225 KB pdf)








Health Activist coverThis is a manual and website aimed at encourageing the development of training courses for community health activists. Ruth Wilson researched and wrote the handbook and website texts, working closely with Madeleine Parkyn (envoy) who created the website.

"I have been struck by Ruth's professionalism, and the quality of the final product. The combination of creativity and thoroughness is rare and much appreciated !"
Eleanor Green, Assistant Director, Health Promotion Strategy, Bradford Health Authority

Other communications clients have included the Refugee Council and the Vietnamese Mental Health Project.

photo caption:
School governor, London.

“The membership of the governing body should,
wherever possible, represent the community.”

Department for Education and Skills, ‘Governing the School of the Future’




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