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The Involve Project

The focus of the INVOLVE Project was the involvement of 'third country nationals' in voluntary and civic activities as a means for better integration. ('Third country nationals' are people who are from outside the European Union, and who retain their original nationality.

The project was led by Volunteering England (VE), and co-ordinated by the European Volunteer Centre (CEV). The following countries were also involved: Austria; Holland; Spain; Germany; France and Hungary. Volunteering England asked Ruth Wilson of tandem to work with VE to co-ordinate the research and activities carried out in England.

An account of the project, the different acitivites and who was involved can be found at: http://www.involve-europe.eu/index.html

You can also download the European summary of all seven country reports, and the summary of the events held in Wolverhampton (autumn 2005), Spain (2006) and Netherlands (2006).

European Union flagThis project was supported by the European Commission in the framework of the INTI programme.

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Volunteers, BTCV Scotland.

“It's about creating bridges... When you drop the labels, it's about building trust, building community.”
Tom Flood, Chief Executive, BTCV





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