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The Volunteering and Asylum Project

Volunteering, asylum and HEALTH seminar
The health seminar on 23 February brought together more than 60 people, from the NHS, refugee organisations, community groups, health projects and volunteering agencies. It included people from the Wales, the South West and the North of England. It was an opportunity to discuss the involvement of refugees and asylum seekers health related volunteering, in the NHS and hospitals and in the voluntary sector.

Comments from participants:
"The range of speakers in the morning plenary was fantastic, covering a range of different perspectives and issues. Just what we needed to get us thinking and inspired for the day ahead. An excellent start."

"The seminar allowed me to focus more clearly on approaching asylum seeker and refugee organisations and involving them with my scheme."

"I found it helpful discussing challenges to asylum seekers and refugees volunteering and finding solutions."

"The panel and diversity of attendees was very good. I was able to get a lot of information regarding issues for those at the front line."

Find out more about the day – download these documents:

Agenda (21 KB Word doc file)

Speakers' biographies (29 KB Word doc file)

Powerpoint presentations:


Summary of workshops (85 KB Word document)

The way forward (48 KB Word doc file)

Link to key websites:

Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust

Criminal Records Bureau

The Hammersmith Hospitals NHS Trust

Institute for Volunteering Research

North East London Strategic Health

Positively Women

Refugee Action

Refugee Council

An NHS website supporting refugees and overseas qualified health professionals find employment in health and social care.

Royal Free Hospital

Immigration and Nationality Directorate, Home Office

Volunteering England


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